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Zach Forrest is on the Level 1 CrossFit Staff, has competed at the CrossFit Games 3 times, is a former Navy Seal, owns a CrossFit affiliate (CrossFit Max Effort) in Las Vegas, and is one of the nicest guys around.  He also happens to be as nerdy as Armen and Scott.  

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Mikki and Jeff Martin, creators of CrossFit Kids and The Brand X Method, join the show to talk about functional fitness for kids. They are no longer associated with CrossFit.

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CrossFit Games super athlete Josh Bridges joins Scott and Eddie to celebrate the 200th episode of the WODcast Podcast.  This is a special show as it is also Josh's first and only podcast or radio interview.  

Josh Bridges is a three time CrossFit Games competitor. In his rookie debut in 2011, Bridges took second place overall. After missing the 2012 CrossFit Games due to deployment and injury, Bridges returned in 2013 to finish 7th. In 2014 Bridges battled to a fourth place overall finish and is considered to be a threat any time he qualifies. 

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Sal Masekela joins Armen Hammer and Eddie Ifft as they chat about casting black actors, fitness in professional athletes, CrossFit helping sex, Sal's Achilles injury, Sal's meeting with Kanye West and history with Kim Kardashian, then get into listener questions in the lightning round.

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