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StrongFit Coach Julien Pineau and CrossFit Games vet Val Voboril talk about the ups and downs of competing and what training is all about.  Last year, 2015, Val Voboril had a frustrating Regionals and did not make the CrossFit Games for the first time.  She opens up about what that experience was like, the doubts, where her motivation comes from, and her support system.  This is a special episode you don't want to miss.




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Julian made it to the Games in his first individual attempt out of the competitive California Regional last year. He is also an Actor, dancer, and former cup cake salesman! We talk about what it was like beating Josh Bridges at Regionals, dating Miranda Oldroyd, training, nutrition, and why skills outside of CrossFit are so important. 

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Ian Murphy dethroned Tommy Hackenbruck to become the reigning champ of the Broken Skull Challenge. The Broken Skull Challenge is a TV show that showcases a series of head-to-head battles until just one man remains. That person gets to take on the Skullbuster, a half-mile stretch of 10 obstructions for time. Completing that earns the winner $10,000 is he beats the Champ.


Ian is also a competitive CrossFitter and professional Electrician with a world class wrestling background. 

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Robert Oberst is on this episode of the Wodcast.  American pro Strongman, He is one of the strongest people in the world.

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Episode 207 with Owen McKibbin is out! And it's hilarious if you ask us!! Owen talks about his experiences as a pro volleyball player, modeling, partying, fitness, and CrossFit vs F45! 
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This is probably our most heartfelt episode. This is one you don't want to miss. Our good friend Kenny Kane joins the fellas for a memorable discussion about life and death, resilience, optimism, community, coaching, CrossFit affiliates, and more.

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We welcome Chris Piñedo (aka @thewolfofwodstreet) to the show! 
Chris is bboy*, gymnast, coach, and an educator. He was the Head Coach at @crossfitmeanstreets. (Probably the closest thing to @ronnieteasdale we are going to get.) Currently, Chris is the Head Coach of "Creative Creature" under The Skill WOD umbrella. 
He has a unique perspective to movement.

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Zach Forrest is on the Level 1 CrossFit Staff, has competed at the CrossFit Games 3 times, is a former Navy Seal, owns a CrossFit affiliate (CrossFit Max Effort) in Las Vegas, and is one of the nicest guys around.  He also happens to be as nerdy as Armen and Scott.  

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