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Sal Masekela joins Armen Hammer and Eddie Ifft as they chat about casting black actors, fitness in professional athletes, CrossFit helping sex, Sal's Achilles injury, Sal's meeting with Kanye West and history with Kim Kardashian, then get into listener questions in the lightning round.

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Alan Foulis is a CrossFit athlete and coach from South Africa, who is touring the American CrossFit seen before going home. Tune in to hear his perspective on the American CrossFit culture, the best of American food, laughs, and more!

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CrossFit Games athlete Noah Ohlsen joins Armen Hammer and Scott McGee as we chat about the CrossFit Games, recovering from bad events, growing as a CrossFitter then get into the lightning round of listener questions.

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Scott McGee and Armen Hammer welcome Andy Petranek & Craig Patterson, founder of Mad Lab School of Fitness. They talk about the CrossFit affiliate model, improving your affiliates revenue, & professionalizing your box and coaches.

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Andy Stumpf and John Welbourn join Armen Hammer and Scott McGee with special cohost Tait Fletcher as they chat about guns, injuries in the military, how Andy found CrossFit in 2005 and his work with HQ, the CrossFit Games, then get into the lightning round of listener questions.

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