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CrossFit athlete and coach Bill Grundler join Eddie, Kenny, and Armen as they discuss 13.5, showboating in CrossFit, general thoughts on the Open, Bill's experience in the Open, his athletic history, thoughts on competing in the Open class vs as a master, training as a master, thoughts on PEDs in CrossFit and it's use as a masters athlete, and lightning round listener questions.
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MMA coach John Hackleman and Sal Masekela join Eddie, Kenny, and Armen as they catch up on the last week, get a call in from John Hackleman and Sal Masekela to discuss training fighters, training camps, and predictions for 13.5.
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Join Eddie, Kenny, and Armen with guest host Scott McGee as they discuss Kenny's experience with 13.3, PED testing, Corey Reed's performance on 13.3, Scott and Armen on 13.3, party tricks, predictions for 13.4, and little people CrossFitting.
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Join Eddie, Armen, and guest host Scott McGee as they turn the tables around on Kenny Kane and have him on the hot seat and chat about midgets in CrossFit, 13.2, Josh Golden, predictions for 13.3, Kenny's childhood and sports background, his high school and college athletics, being a comedian and hip hop dancer, followed by lightning round of listener's questions.

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Join Kenny Kane, Armen Hammer, and Scott McGee as they catch up on the Open, chat about growth and diversity in CrossFit, different mentalities in training and competition, Ruth's bee sting during the Games, Scott's recent SWAT stories, questionable scores on 13.1, and updates on the Leaderboard.
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CrossFit Games athlete Kenneth Leverich and Ryan Fisher join Kenny Kane, and Eddie Ifft. Armen Hammer is out this episode due to a cold.  The guys give some insight on what fuel goes in their bodies before a game like kit kats an chocolate milk. Ryan talks about how he tried to buy 100 lbs of grass fed beef.

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Kiwi and CrossFit Games athlete Ruth Horrell joins Kenny, Eddie, and Armen as they discuss programming in CrossFit, the growth and future of online programs, Brendan's 1:28 Diane video, then catch up with Ruth's training, Ruth's experience at the Games (including going temporarily blind after the rope climb/sled event), recovering between events, sponsorship opportunities as the sport grows, and answer questions from the fans.
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Chad Kibbey and Brendan Griffin join Kenny Kane, Eddie Ifft, and Armen Hammer as they discuss the demographic of Palm Springs, the Wodcast Podcast's new shirts and website, Armen's post workout meal earlier in the day, Eddie's current injuries, Chad Kibbey's gym in Palm Desert, Brendan's 1:28 (!!!) Diane, his lifestyle and background, Chad's background and story, then answer questions from the listeners and the hosts.

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Christmas Abbot joins Kenny Kane, Eddie Ifft, and Armen Hammer as they catch up on Eddie's couple weeks off, Armen's first experience with Isabel, Christmas' job with the Level 1 Seminar crew, doing hill sprints with Kenny, her introduction to NASCAR, then we answer questions from the listeners.
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CrossFit superstar athlete Lindsey Valenzuela joins Kenny Kane, Armen Hammer, and guest host Scott McGee as they try to introduce Lindsey to John Hackleman over the phone, chat with Matty Aporta about Armen's shitty assay results, how to get better, SFH's new high potency fish oils. After, Lindsey addresses the steroids question, chats about her experience at SEALfit's Kokoro camp, how she grew as a competitor thanks to Kokoro, transitioning into the role of a professional athlete, moving from a 9-5 job into the role of a coach, possible drama from moving from one gym into another community, being the People's Champ, growing personally. Then we check in with Mina, who's a teen competitor and one of Lindsey's biggest fans about how Lindsey inspires her, and her mom (Dizzle, our resident Vegan) talks about building an all girls CrossFit team. Finally, we address some of the questions from the listeners.
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