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Nick Dompierre was born July 29, 1986 in New Bedford, MA. He started skateboarding at the age of 12. It became his absolute passion. Nick attended and graduated from Greater New Bedford Regional Vocational High School in the year 2004. His major was carpentry. After graduating he worked for a contractor building houses. Meanwhile still skateboarding when he wasn’t working. Nick would leave MA and go on tours all around the world with his sponsors for events, demos and signings. In 2007 he turned professional.

He is known for his super fast style and and 
smooth performance on big gaps and rails. He has appeared in numerous skate videos such as “The Solstice Video”, Real’s “Roll Forever”, “Since Day 1”, and “Real at the Berrics”. He has had impressive results at large scale national contest such as X- Games, Rob Dyrdek’s STREET LEAGUE, Dew Tour, Tampa Pro, Vans Downtown Showdown, among others. In addition to being a great contest competitor, he gained credibility and a massive fan following due to his natural street skate style. His success has landed him on the covers of Transworld Skate, Thrasher and Slap Magazines.

Nick has grown up pushing the limits, whether on a skateboard or racing his Camaro (it’s been said that he drives like he skates -FAST!). He had his first career setback after a motorcycle accident in 2010, sidelining him for a good portion of the year. Upon recovery he was invited to compete in the exclusive ESPN Street League contest
series, which is the brainchild of world-renowned skater and MTV personality Rob Dyrdek. Shortly after his second appearance in the Street League 2011 series he returned to Massachusetts to prep for upcoming video parts and contests, where he took an unfortunate accident fracturing his vertebrae in 2 locations, C6 and T1.

After breaking his neck he started therapy to rebuild strengthen in his back/neck. It was by far the worst injury he ever experienced. He was unsure if he would ever be able to skate again. With months and months of therapy and rehabilitation he was recovering. During the rehabilitation Nick developed a love for strength training. Noticing the changes in his body and feeling of being stronger. After his injury completely healed he continued skateboarding as a professional while strength training too. He then later got his ISSA (International Sports Science Association) Personal Trainer Certification. He’s designs individualized Online Coaching programs and diets for each one of his clients. His goal is to help everyone reach their desired physique and to be as healthy as possible!

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