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A mobile, hostile and agile former Navy SEAL with decades of experience in the SEAL teams and other Special Operations units. Expertise in tactical communications, small unit tactics, combat/tactical marksmanship, weapons, anti-terrorism, defensive driving, combative training, digital collection systems, certified diving instructor, recognized writing and photographic talents.

Adventure athlete: recently competed "GODZone" Chapter 8 New Zealand, 650km adventure Race. “Primal Quest 2016” 465-mile 10-day adventure race, competed in the "Arrowhead 135” a 135-mile human sled pull race and numerous extreme endurance races.

Recently Race: Eco-Challenge Fiji, Sept 2019, Team Onyx

Amazon Prime - Worlds Toughest Race

Founder and Co-owner of Trident Athletics (formally Trident CrossFit) in Alexandria, Va, one of the largest CrossFit gyms in the country. A Level-4 trainer, mentor, coach of over 650 athletes of all different athletic abilities and levels to include professionals, first responders, industrial athletes, military forces, and life-long warrior-athletes. All with a common goal, to achieve peak physical and mental prowess and to reach their fullest potential. Chriss fully understands the relationship between total body fitness &mental toughness, and the roles they play in everyday life.

Chris is a Life Coach and mentor to dozens of people looking for a higher purpose in their lives. he is fit, funny, and charming and winner of the hit television show “One Man Army” ep. 5, a competition series featured on Discovery Channel, which pits elite military, extreme sports, and law enforcement operatives against one another.

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