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Mike Anderson- Mike’s coaching & teaching experience ranges from the inner city classroom to the university exercise science department, from physical training spaces to landscapes of southeast Asia. He is equally at home training a wide variety of athletes including kids and adults striving for improvements in health and fitness, post-surgical joint replacement patients eager to regain competitive physical functioning, elite gamers (yes, video game professionals) seeking strength for everything from better posture to enhanced stamina, and late aged adults dealing with issues as diverse as dementia to those seeking balance and cognition increases. Mike currently owns and operates CrossFit Malibu, has his CFL3, and was formerly a Head Trainer on the CrossFit Headquarters seminar staff. He is an adjunct faculty member in Sports Medicine at Pepperdine University (his undergraduate alma mater) and is head strength and conditioning coach for a top tier esports organization. He holds master’s degrees in public health and outdoor experiential education and has California teaching credentials.

Dylan Farr- 50 years old. British born, American raised. Competitive snowboarder, World Cup 1/2 pipe & Slopestyle from 1994-2004. Passionate, studying Nutrition since a teen. A regrettable Vegan from 13-27, as he says. Trainer for twenty years. Crossfiter since 2010.
“People where I live all want to lose weight. Strength and Conditioning is fine but not effective.” Nutrition, Metabolism became the focus last several years. Based out of Venice Beach. Functional Health Practitioner. Lifestyle strategist. He’s works with people in motor sports, media, finance, start up, tech, and lot of very busy humans/parents. @fysiologik

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