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How fast can you chug 4 beers and run 4X400 meters, Well this guy can do it way faster than you can run a mile. Not only is he a member of the Canadian National Track team and sponsored by Adidas, but more importantly he has the record for the Beer Mile in 4:33. In two weeks from now on the show, we will attempt to run it. It was good getting insight from Corey and also what it's like training for the Olympic Trials during the pandemic. We also talk to Jonny Beale of Purifly about how to keep your gym virus free during the pandemic. That and a whole lot more. Episodes are now on youtube at

This episode of the WODcast is sponsored by: Purifly helps fitness centers and businesses reopen safely, offering hope for a safe, healthy and economically strong future. Our 5 Step Process for Fitness Centers helps you select the right disinfecting equipment & chemicals. Access big savings on all your disinfecting products. Learn how to create an individualized disinfecting plan for your facility. Access a curated instructional video library and employee training content with downloads. Download professionally designed email templates and create a member and staff communication strategy. Reopen your fitness center safely with Purifly! Purifly Disinfection Systems

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