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Job Hunter comes on this week to talk about his newest competition that you can all register to compete in called It's like the CrossFit Open, but more stamina and less strength in my opinion. We also talk Games predictions, the upcoming Beer Mile bet and about strippers. All this and more. Exclusive to WODcast listeners, EAT THE 80: Get delicious prepared meals delivered to your door with Eat The 80's healthy meal plans. Preservative Free, All Natural Protein, Gluten Free, Farm to Table Fresh We're running a Whole30 special all month. We have a bunch of new Whole30 approved meals on the menu and all new subscribers get 25% off their first meal. Go to eatthe80.comand use code SEPTWHOLE30. InsideTracker is the ultra-personalized nutrition platform that analyzes your blood and DNA biomarkers along with your lifestyle habits to help you optimize your body and reach your goals. Go to and take 20% off any plan with the code WODCAST 

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