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Founder and CEO of MoveU, Dr. Mike Wasilisin, is best recognized as the crazy doctor who is here to help “Fix. Yo Shit."  After working for countless years as a Chiropractor, he soon ditched his practice and took the leap to launch his own fitness content platform, MoveU with the intent to properly educate and explain exercises in precise detail to those from all walks of life seeking enhanced mobility. Now, Dr. Mike Wasilisin is on a mission to empower every human being to take care of their own body and fix their own pain through proper body movement and a champion mindset.

The program’s rapid success has quickly garnered the attention of thousands including the likes of Trever Noah and Gwenith Paltrow to name a few. Wasilisin’s approach is the next wave of mobility training, something he calls mindful movement, since it focuses on the intricacies of basic stretches.

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