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After a series of injuries as a college athlete, Nate began to explore the transformative power of bodywork. He trained in neuromuscular therapy, myofascial release, and dynamic movement at Health Works Institute in Montana, and later as a paramedic and firefighter in Los Angeles County.


Nate intuitively discovered the benefits of a keto/anti-inflammatory diet, through which he lost not only 80 pounds, but the pain he had been in for years. Now, Nate is on a mission to change others’ lives as well—with an anti-inflammatory diet being key to incredible results. Through his background as an athlete, bodywork specialist, paramedic, and firefighter, Nate is able to empathize with clients in order to treat the root of the problem, providing freedom from pain and immediate improvements in performance. His healing and high performance superfood creations ensure that the client’s body maintains optimized results—without sacrificing taste.


An Active Release Technique® (ART) specialist and Whole Body Level 2-Certified, Nate has worked as a personal bodywork specialist for some of the country’s most elite professional athletes and performers, including Alex Rodriguez, the St. Louis Blues, the Kings, and the casts of Wicked, Phantom of the Opera, and Rent.


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