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Eddie stops by Solace Crossfit in NYC to talk to Kenny Santucci about what its like to carry 100 lb sandbag 100 miles and be on one of MTV's most popular shows that was doing the CrossFit Games before the CrossFit Games. This and so so so much more. 

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What doesn't this guy do? Kenny has trained Olympians, NBA players, Premiere League soccer players, A-list celebrities, Crossfit Games athletes, 9 to 5‘ers, created and run several kid’s fitness programs, coached an adaptive athlete to compete with able bodied competitors, trainer for The CW’s “Shedding for the Wedding,” instructed thousands of hours of hip-hop and martial arts; holds multiple certifications and is a graduate of SealFit’s Kokoro Camp. However, most importantly he co-hosted the WODcast during its tumultuous years. Well we are back to see what is new with Coach Kenny. Buckle up. This is a fun one. 

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Dan was a contestant on the 9th season of the Bachelorette and the spinoff Bachelor in Paradise. He is a crossfitter and accomplished triathlete.. He also is the owner of a number of supplement companies. We geek out on lactate thresh hold testing, endurance training, nutrition and shark attacks. Check out Dan at @danielgcox on Instagram.

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We take the Bingle Bus to pick up 2X Games, 6XRegional athlete, Lauren Gravatt at her school where she is taking classes to become a physical therapist. We talk about everything from her future in the sport to her diet to everybody being Crossfit obsessed and lots more.

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We welcome Chris Piñedo (aka @thewolfofwodstreet) to the show! 
Chris is bboy*, gymnast, coach, and an educator. He was the Head Coach at @crossfitmeanstreets. (Probably the closest thing to @ronnieteasdale we are going to get.) Currently, Chris is the Head Coach of "Creative Creature" under The Skill WOD umbrella. 
He has a unique perspective to movement.

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CrossFit Games super athlete Josh Bridges joins Scott and Eddie to celebrate the 200th episode of the WODcast Podcast.  This is a special show as it is also Josh's first and only podcast or radio interview.  

Josh Bridges is a three time CrossFit Games competitor. In his rookie debut in 2011, Bridges took second place overall. After missing the 2012 CrossFit Games due to deployment and injury, Bridges returned in 2013 to finish 7th. In 2014 Bridges battled to a fourth place overall finish and is considered to be a threat any time he qualifies. 

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We interview Andrea Ager, Lindsey Valenzuela, Corey Reed, Luke Kayyem and many more at the OC Throwdown!  

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Fake gym owners and athletes Danny Lesslie and Logan Gelbrich join Kenny Kane and Armen Hammer as they discuss competing at regionals, owning a gym and gym loyalty, #FakeGym and the start of Functional Fitness on the Bluffs, competing at CFLA while owning another gym, failing gyms, turnover in gyms, the importance of blogs to growing a community, choosing between affiliating and staying unaffiliated.

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Tim Thackrey (owner of CF High Voltage) joins Kenny Kane, Eddie Ifft, and Armen Hammer as they catch up with Armen's week off, Eddie's sprained ankle, chat about Tim's background in martial arts, what it was like living at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado, compare Tim's snatch and clean and jerks with Armen's lifts, what it was like to compete as a world class badass, and how he started his CrossFit gym and grew it to where it is today.

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