The WODcast Podcast
Dr. Lindsey Mathews joins Eddie Ifft, Kenny Kane, and Armen Hammer as they discus common CrossFit injuries, Eddie's numerous injuries, the lifetime of an elite CrossFitter, and CrossFitting while pregnant.
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Scott McGee joins Eddie Ifft,  Kenny Kane, and Armen Hammer for episode 14 of the Wodcast Podcast where we discuss CrossFit for SWAT, the origin of event 1 from the 2011 Games, catch lines, and how CrossFit helps foot pursuits.

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Jordan Gravatt of CrossFit Media and CrossFit by Overload joins Kenny Kane, Eddie Ifft, and Armen Hammer as they talk about media, the growth of CrossFit, traveling with the media crew, and the future of all media as we know it.

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Tait Fletcher joins Eddie, Kenny, and Armen as they chat about Tait's past in MMA, the development of CrossFit as a sport, sports as a path to self growth, and the best way to empty a room (the answer is really bad supplement farts).
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Andy Petranek, owner of CrossFit Los Angeles, one of the original affiliates, joins Kenny, Eddie, and Armen as they talk about the growth of CrossFit, what it was like in the early 2000s, adventure racing, and how shitty anal fissures can get.
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