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Join Kenny Kane, Eddie Ifft, and Armen Hammer while they talk with parpicipants from the Crush Cancer fundriser. 
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Justin Flynn of Orange Coast CrossFit joins Kenny Kane, Eddie Ifft, and Armen Hammer as they catch up on Eddie's travels, chat about surfing goofy foot and what that means, how Justin found CrossFit in the jungles of Indonesia, the birth of Orange Coast CrossFit, his new competition box and the difference between training and working out, the nutrition of elite CrossFitters, the saturation of CrossFit gyms, and his Phenom clothing line.

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Ron Mathews, who's opening Reebok CrossFit Lab (in West Hollywood, CA) joins Kenny Kane and Armen Hammer as they discuss his training history, competing as a decathlete in college, his current numbers as a CrossFitter (for example a sub 4 minute King Kong), his first experience with CrossFit, thoughts on building weight classes into CrossFit competitions, answering questions from Facebook, opening a Reebok gym in Los Angeles, and his relationship with Reebok.

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Dusty Hyland joins Kenny Kane and Armen Hamner as they chat about Crush Cancer, Eddie's absence, Armen getting pulled over for j-walking, coaching handstands and muscle ups, and recovering from a badass injury.

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