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Combatives expert Tony Blauer joins Armen Hammer, Eddie Ifft, and Scott McGee as they chat about Eddie's surfing injuries, Halloween costumes in gyms, Tony's history with CrossFit, developing SPEAR, Eddie's fight stories, Armen's failing metaphors and movie references, and answer questions from listeners during the lightning round.
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Sean Waxman joins Armen Hammer and Scott McGee as they discuss his fanny pack, his experience at Crush Cancer, early arm bend vs no early arm bend, bruising the pubic bone, BearCat the intern, how Waxman's Gym is doing, technique in power vs endurance events, low bar vs high bar squatting, the Affiliate Weightlifting Invitational on November 3rd, the Secrets of Russian Champions training camp from November 21-23, and answer listener questions during the lightning round.
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Tait Fletcher joins Armen Hammer, Scott McGee, and Eddie Ifft as they chat about Breaking Bad, Crush Cancer,  baby monkeys riding pigs, killer whales, social media and anonymity, the philosophy of competition, a history of altercations, and the lightning round of listener questions.

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Kenneth Leverich and Ryan Fischer join Armen Hammer and Scott McGee as they chat about Ryan's experience at the 2013 SoCal Regionals, Kenny's experience at the 2013 CrossFit Games, chatting about training, and answer questions from the listeners.
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John Welbourn, founder of CrossFit Football and Power Athlete HQ, joins Armen Hammer, Eddie Ifft, and Scott McGee as they share stories about altercations, John's history in the NFL, his nutrition through college, his first purchase with his first paycheck, some 'welcome to the NFL' moments, Armen's history with John, programming in CrossFit and the nonexistence of 'the super program', fitness vs athleticism vs performance, and answer some listener questions.

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