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Jaclyn is a sports nutritionist for the world's top athletes. Board certified and licensed Sports Nutritionist with experience in functional medicine nutrition, nutritional coaching and education for general, athletic populations and professional athletes. Concierge nutrition services. Strength & Conditioning, Nutritional and Lifestyle Coaching. Wellness education, corporate lectures, fitness professional and coaches education in sports nutrition.

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Natalie is the founder of Fit Addicted Foods where she does nutrition coaching for women. She has a life long history of competitive sports and rocked the CrossFit world by being one of the smallest competitors at the CrossFit Games in 2013 where she finished 30th. In 2016 while competing in the CrossFit Open, Natalie failed a random drug test. She owned up to it and went on to successfully win bodybuillding competitions. The rollercoaster ride that she went on brought her to where she is now of helping women who have difficulty getting results with their bodies.

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