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Eddie stopped into Crossfit Max Effort in Las Vegas to workout, complain and talk Zach's ear off about what is more difficult, BUD's training or the Crossfit Games

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Eddie sits down in Lauren (formerly Glasman) Jenai's dining room and learns all about the early days of CrossFit and also about Lauren's new project Manifest. 

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Live from Oregon with Crossfit Games Athlete Carleen Mathews. Eddie and Carleen sit down at Crossfit X-Factor in Portland and talk competition retirement, sobriety, marathon row vs. childberth and many more subjects.

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Eddie takes the Bingle Bus down to Thrive Market Headquarters to talk to the author of NYT Bestselling author John Durant. They discuss John's VC business, the carnivore diet and Harvard's admission policy (for some weird reason.) Video ersion is available on the WODcast Youtube Channel.

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