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A lifelong fitness nut, Eric discovered CrossFit in 2008 after a running injury and high-cholesterol diagnosis had him wondering if age had finally caught up with him. Within six months of CrossFit, he was in the best shape of his life, and both problems were a thing of the past!

Eric is CEO of CrossFit Inc an serves on several boards related to health and welness. Previous to that he was CEO of Datalogix (a data marketing company) which was acquired by Oracle. During his time as CEO, Datalogix/Oracle grew to 2k+ employees and emerged as one of the country’s fastest-growing technology companies in Colorado. It was also named a top 100 company to work for by both Fortune and Outside Magazines.

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After years of lifting weights, marathon training, and other various fitness activities, Mickey discovered CrossFit in 2011. After a year in Denver and visiting dozens of different CrossFit boxes, Mickey returned to CrossFit Toledo, completed his CrossFit L1 training, and joined our coaching staff. As a graduate of the University of Michigan business school, Mickey works as a personal financial advisor when he is not at the gym. His passion for people lead him to becoming a coach for both physical and fiscal fitness.

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Armen is one of the most knowledgeable and opinionated people when it comes to CrossFit. He is a former host of the WODcast Podcast and always brings us the freshest up to date gossip in the CrossFit world. Armen is also on the cusp of being a father and so we check in to see what is going on in Armen's world. Also check out Armen's YouTube channel ArmenHammerTV for the most up to date interviews and information on CrossFit.

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