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CrossFit Games Champ Sam Briggs, Lindsey Valenzuela, and Val Voboril join Armen and Scott as they chat about the Games, their lives since sweeping the podium, play the Newlywod Game, and answer listener questions all in front of alive audience!

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Aubrey Marcus, CEO of Onnit, joins Armen, Eddie, and Scott as they chat about Armen's fantasy football win this weekend, Scott's wrist injury, Aubrey's relationship with Joe Rogan, the history of Onnit, the development of their supplements, their fitness products, and answer questions from the listeners.

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Nutrition and Performance Specialist Brad Davidson joins Armen, Scott, and Eddie as they discuss black CrossFitters, the CrossFit Offline show, Eddie's India experience, an update on the Wodcast Podcast Fantasy Football League, the Crush Cancer fundraiser, Brad's company and work, his development and process, Eddie takes an HRV test, Brad checks out Kill Cliff ingredients, Armen and Eddie test their acid buffering, Brad's personal history, Armen and Eddie take a Zinc tally test, and answer listener questions.

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CrossFit Endurance founder and coach Brian Mackenzie joins Armen, Eddie, and Scott as they discuss Eddie's history with CrossFit, the start of Endurance WOD, how to use it and what's it's for, the state of endurance in CrossFit, positioning during running, and answer questions from the listeners.

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