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Eddie takes his rental car over to the new HyperFit location near Ann Arbor Michigan to talk with Crossfit OG Doug Chapman about his methodologies and his past coaching some of the top CrossFit Games Athletes. All this and more.

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Eddie makes a house call to Dr. Drew's house to talk health, fitness, weightlifting, exercise addiction and body dysmorphia with Dr. Drew. Not only that but the former Loveline and Celebrity Rehab host talk about Dr. Drew's new podcast Swole Patrol that he does with Psycho Mike Catherwood about "getting swole."

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Eddie visits the home of strength guru Buddy Morris. Buddy went from being a collegiate sprinter to being one of the top strength coaches in the NFL. His road to the NFL was not always easy and he gives insight to what it takes to work in the NFL with the worlds best athletes and even throws out some yinzer slang with Eddie.

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James is the not just the first winner of the Crossfit Games in 2007, but he is also the founder/president of OPEX, a revolutionary fitness training center for coaches and individuals. Listen as he enlightens Eddie to the ways of finding the proper intentions for fitness.

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Eddie drops in to one of the most revolutionary fitness clubs in the boutique market and interviews CEO, Mike Jones. Mike is a former Crossfite Affiliate owner, MBA and Marine that is currently co-owning and running a chain of yoga/hiit gyms in the Minneapolis area (and one in Denver.) This is a departure from most episodes as we really dig into the business of starting a brand and developing it into a success.

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