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We interview Katie Hogan, Sam Briggs, Brian Mackenzie, BSD, Mina Rivera, and answer fan questions live at the 2013 Reebok CrossFit Games. 
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Owner of Kill Cliff/2Pood Baker Leavitt joins Armen Hammer and Scott McGee as they chat about competing as a strongman in Canada, the escalation of CrossFit athletes' abilities, the announced CrossFit events, events we wanna see at the Games, odds at the Games, the fall of 80s superstars, Baker's strength, how Armen and Baker met, how Baker got involved with Kill Cliff, make Games predictions and answer questions from the listeners.

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CrossFit Games athletes Lindsey Valenzuela, Sam Briggs, and Ruth Anderson Horrell join Armen Hammer and Scott McGee as they discuss the Games event announcements, Mikko's exit from this year's Games, competing as a professional CrossFitter, their goals for this year's Games, we play a round of The Newly WOD Game, and answer listener questions.

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Owner DogTown CrossFit and gymnastics coach Dusty Hyland joins Armen, Scott, and Eddie as they chat about CrossFit Hollywood, Scott McGee's flubbed back tuck, Armen's near catastrophic dick injury, Scott's catastrophic college dick, the article in Inc magazine about CrossFit, Dusty's athletes, his thoughts on remote coaching, his work with Tommy Hackenbruck, coaching in CrossFit, learning and mastering specific gymnastics skills, guessing events at the CrossFit Games, the upped rewards at the Games, turnover rate among the leading CrossFit athletes, and answer questions from the fans.

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CrossFit Games athlete and coach Becca Voigt joins Armen Hammer, Eddie Ifft, and Scott McGee as they chat about the recent media coverage of CrossFit in Inc. magazine, the growth and change of CrossFit as a sport, Becca's history with the CrossFit Games, her current training under coach Ben Bergeron, her past training, differences between her past training and her new training, and looking forward to the 2013 CrossFit Games.

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