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After finishing 3rd at the Spartan World Championships, Katie emerged to win the 24 hour endurance obstacle race last week in Laughlin Nevada. She ran 90 miles with over 200 obstacles in 24 hours. Katie is a former Crossfit coach at Crossfit Sanitas (Eric Roza's Box) and a former collegiate hockey player. We talk all about her win, her upbringing and her poor choice in boyfriends. All that and so much more.

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Abe, grew up in Steamboat Springs, CO where he excelled at a young age within the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club, ultimately placing 2nd in the 2007 Junior Olympics, 3rd in Men's Dual Moguls, and 9th in the 2007 US Nationals barely missing the cut for the US Ski Team.

With a natural love for training in the off-season, Abe was able to receive individualized programming from former olympians and olympic-level strength coaches alike. This experience of training on a program designed for his unique needs changed how he viewed physical fitness, strength, and conditioning.

Ultimately this passion pushed Abe to quit his job at Enterprise Rent-A-Car in 2014 and pursue a career as a personal trainer at Equinox in Santa Monica, California. Abe moved up quickly within Equinox where he soaked up every continuing education opportunity including FMS Level I and II, Kettlebell Athletics Level I, Precision Nutrition Level I, and USAW Level I Coach, ultimately landing him a position as a Tier X Coach. In 2019 he helped launch the Tier X Program at Equinox Santa Monica following his nomination as Equinox Personal Trainer of the Year.

When the pandemic struck, Abe moved his clientele virtual to accommodate the closure of gyms and lack of in-person training.

Through his exposure to the digital medium, and realization that training could be equally effective in a remote setting, Abe developed The Ski System and got to work immediately formulating the programs you’ll find on

Abe now resides in San Diego, California where he trains and competes in jiu jitsu, operates The Ski System, and trains clients individually from his home gym as well as online via his business Abe Maynard Coaching.

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HYROX is an indoor fitness competition designed for both amateur and professional athletes. Competitors at all events use the same course with up to 3,000 participants competing each time, with the athletes with the fatest times going on to complete at the HYROX World Championships. Christian is a former decathlete and is the founding partner and Managing Director of HYROX.

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