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Baker Leavitt joins Armen Hammer and Scott McGee as they chat about Chris Irwin, the documentary 'Murph the Protector', the 2014 CrossFit Games season, and answer questions from the listeners.
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Baker Leavitt joins Armen Hammer and Scott McGee as they chat about pop superstars, the beauty of talking shit on Twitter, his feud with Jon North, people asking for free things from Kill Cliff, athletic competitions, and crazy CrossFit workouts.
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Pro physique competitor and fitness model Chad Crouse as they discuss celebrity lookalikes, Eddie's history as a personal trainer at Equinox, Chad's work as a fitness model, his history in bodybuilding, past steroid use, his injury history, his opinion on CrossFit, nutrition in and out of season, more steroid talk, then the lightning round questions from listeners.
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CrossFit Coach Kenny Kane of The Positivity Project joins Armen Hammer, Eddie Ifft, and Scott McGee for a reunion show as they chat about Eddie's injuries, where Kenny's been, how the Positivity Project is going, the development of The KK Training Template, then get into the lightning round of listener questions.
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