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Lindsey Valenzuela joins Kenny Kane, Armen Hammer, and guest host Scott McGee as they try to introduce Lindsey to John Hackleman over the phone, chat with Matty Aporta about Armen's shitty assay results, how to get better, SFH's new high potency fish oils. After, Lindsey addresses the steroids question, chats about her experience at SEALfit's Kokoro camp, how she grew as a competitor thanks to Kokoro, transitioning into the role of a professional athlete, moving from a 9-5 job into the role of a coach, possible drama from moving from one gym into another community, being the People's Champ, growing personally. Then we check in with Mina, who's a teen competitor and one of Lindsey's biggest fans about how Lindsey inspires her, and her mom (Dizzle, our resident Vegan) talks about building an all girls CrossFit team. Finally, we address some of the questions from the listeners.
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CrossFit coach and Whole Life Challenger Michael Stanwyck joins Eddie Ifft, Kenny Kane, and Armen Hammer as they discuss Armen's beard, Eddie's weekend in Vegas, Armen's experience at the OC Throwdown, the Spartan Race, the start and structure of The Whole Life Challenge, and the guys reveal the shocking results of the omega 3 blood tests they took last week.

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We interview Andrea Ager, Lindsey Valenzuela, Corey Reed, Luke Kayyem and many more at the OC Throwdown!  

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Stronger Faster Helathier's Matty Aporta joins Eddie Ifft, Kenny Kane, and Armen Hammer as they chat about recent drama between Freddy Camacho, Luke Kayyem, and CrossFit HQ, Rich Froning's videos on the journal, getting into Matty's history with the fish oil industry, and answer questions from the listeners.

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