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Chris Bell, director of 'Bigger Faster Stronger', joins Scott, Armen, and Eddie as they chat about Eddie's experience with UCLA's BXA test, they measure everyone's biceps, Scott's battering ram practice, Chris' experience with CrossFit, awesome 80s movies, Katie Hogan's future wrestling career, John Cena's lifting history, Chris' history with his movie 'Bigger Faster Stronger',  his new film 'Prescription Thugs', the effects of PED use after use, the idea of what defines 'performance enhancing drugs', a history of testosterone, and  look at competition in the culture of the USA.

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Val Voboril, 3rd place finisher at the 2013 CrossFit Games, joins Eddie, Armen, and Scott as they discuss plans for the 100th episode, ESPN and CrossFit, Eddie's travels, Val's performance and past, Armen's experience with Strong Fit,  how awesome American Ninja Warrior is, Val's training into the Games and her experience there, and answer listener questions.

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CrossFit coach and author Andy Petranek joins Armen Hammer, Eddie Ifft, and Scott McGee as they chat about counting pumps, Andy's toes, Armen's dick update, things  CrossFitters are good at, Andy's new book 'Fire Your Gym', his history with CrossFit, the story of his cover, Scott's experience owning a pig, Eddie's experience owning a pig, Andy's process in writing the book, and answer listener questions.

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Scott, Eddie, and Armen get the crew back together to check in with Eddie, chat about mental prep,  recap the CrossFit Games, and answer listener questions.

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