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Athlete, gymnast, and actor Maddy Curley joins Eddie, Scott, and Armen as they chat about Eddie's taxi issues, Maddy's history with gymnastics, her acting experience, her future coaching for Brick's new gym in New York, Scott's Murph plans, Maddy's transition into CrossFit, how high level athletes do in CrossFit, Brick's disqualification from the 2013 CrossFit Games, how she got involved with the CrossFit Games Open Update Show, her new film and kickstarter project 'Chalk It Up', and going ons at the show.

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Olympian Kendrick Farris and Olympic hopeful Derrick Johnson join Armen Hammer and Scott McGee as they chat about Armen's twitter handle, his obsession with their strong quads, Jon North's affiliation process, Kendrick's possible plans for opening a gym, Derek's role as both a coach and a lifter, Kendrick's development as a weightlifter over the years, their nutrition plans and injury history, their strength numbers, US lifters strength vs the rest of the world, not keeping track of other competitive weightlifters, the growth of weightlifting via CrossFit, Kendrick's experience at the Olympics, and answer listener questions.

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Strongman coach and athlete Julien Pineau joins Armen Hammer and Eddie Ifft as they chat about Scott's absence, the shootings in SaMo, Eddies return from wherever he's been, Julien's StrongFit gym, CrossFit compared with Strongman, Strongman competitions, Julien's journey into finding strongman, classic strongman competitions, training and programming, the development of CrossFit the sport vs CrossFit the training methodology, and a recap of Rich'a performance this past weekend.

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CrossFit ahtlete Andrea Ager joins Armen Hammer and Scott McGee as they chat about the past weekend's Regionals, the upcoming Regionals, Armen's new segment 'Think Before You Speak', then chat with Andrea regarding her experience at the SoCal Regionals and the overhead squat event, deciding to withdraw, her future plans.

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