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A past podium finisher at three different Regional competitions (NorCal, West, and South), Margaux Alvarez has truly gone the extra mile to punch her six tickets to the CrossFit Games. There was no letting up in 2018, either, as the 33 year-old finished 1st overall at the South Regional to prove she’s still one of the most consistent and respected competitors in the country. 

Margaux spent much of her childhood in Montana, where she gained her love for almost any kind of athletic endeavor—from swimming and volleyball to ballet, horseback riding, and Taekwondo. She was turned on to CrossFit while working as a trainer in the Bay Area in 2011 and took to it immediately. Since then, Alvarez has gone on to serve on the CFHQ Seminar Staff, traveling the world as an ambassador for the sport. From her current home base in Las Vegas, she is eagerly training toward a seventh CrossFit Games appearance. 

And here is Alex Cardenas's bio on the CrossFit Games site - I get tired really fast after two minutes, then i get dizzy. I think it's genetic. I like to lift weights but that's not helping my running problem. I tried paleo but then ate a cake. I love crossfit because it got me a Margaux........ 5 weeks is a long time..... 

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